Flaw Detection

Introducing ECHO Pro
November 21st, 2023

We've been hard at work creating our newest Flaw Detector, ECHO Pro!

We're excited to be able to share some initial details. A full spec list will be coming soon and we expect to start shipping around the end of Q1 2024.

Key features of ECHO PRO

  • Bright, sunlight readable 7” Wide VGA touch screen display
  • More than 8 hour battery life
  • Keypad and Touchscreen operation
  • Standard features include datalogging, 2 gages, DAC, AWS, B-scan, API-5Ue
  • Advanced features include extended range, TVG, Back ECHO Attenuation, Interface Gate, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Damping and Energy Intuitive user interface combining touchscreen or keypad
  • Custom packaging with rubber bumpers, hand strap, neck harness, variable angle hinge/stand and magnetic pipe stand
  • Change color and vibrate on alarm
  • Adjust gain, gates, delay and range from touch screen