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  VIS 350
November 4, 2013
Danatronics announces the new VIS250, 350 and 400 series push rod cameras. The new cameras are 100 feet or 30M in length. The VIS250 uses a 1" diameter camera head. The VIS350 has a replaceable 1.5" pan and tilt camera while the VIS400 uses a 2" pan and tilt camera. The 3 new models now offer still image capability on a 2GB standard SD card expandable to 32GB and a built in transmitter for precise location of the camera underground or in large objects. Contact us for more details.
  BoresEye PR Push Rod Camera System
September 14, 2013
Danatronics announces our new BoresEye PR series of affordable, small diameter Push Rods cameras in 10M, 20M, 30M and 40M. The new affordable PR cameras come with our BoresEye electronics including a 3.5 " color display with on board memory for stills and video, and a light weight, easy to use reel system. All lengths up to 40M complete with display and memory are less than $3500! The camera is only .905" or 23mm in diameter, waterproof and with 12 led lights with variable lighting adjustments. The new camera has a 67 degree field of view (FOV) and 300,000 pixel resolution. The new PR series is ideal for boiler tubes and other small diameter applications.
  iFlaw split screen showing A and B-Scan. Right side: B-Scan image of a five step test block with alarms
July 18, 2013
Danatronics announces new B-scan software for iFlaw. iFlaw can now be equipped with encoded and non-encoded B-scan for quick and easy thickness profiling surveys. The B-scan is an option as a manual (non-encoded option) or for use with our EZ Scan 4 magnetic wheel encoder. Thanks to iFlaw's 7" screen, you can even view A-scan and B-scan side by side or in full B-scan mode. The B-scan thickness readings and image can also be sent to the computer with our new Data XL for use with iFlaw. Contact us for more details. 
  EHC-09DLCW thickness gage with live color waveform
June 6, 2013
Danatronics is pleased to announce our Buy One, Get One Free promotion. Buy an EHC-09DLCW at U.S. list price and receive an EHC-09B absolutely free...a $1500 savings! Call us at 978 777 0081 or email to for more details or a quotation. Restrictions apply (optional equipment shown below).
  Coming Soon
May 2017
Grid View for ECHO series

 Danatronics upcoming software release of Version V2.07 for the ECHO series will allow the operator to create files and turn on the “Grid View” feature where you can see, real-time, the live A-scan at the top and the cells within the datalogger file being saved below. The image here shows a red A-scan indicating an alarm has been tripped with the cells all color coded for the previously saved readings. Current users of echo, please go to this link and use data xl to upload this new, free software!

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